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Privacy policy of the internet service (Service)

  1. By filling the Service registration form and checking the appropriate box, a person agrees to gathering and processing their personal data, according to the Act of 29 August 1997 on Protection of the Personal Data (Polish Journal of Law 2002, no. 101, position 926 with amendments) by the Service Operator in order to proceed the provisions of the Regulations and Services provided according thereto.
  2. The Service Operator is Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe Dawid Stępniak, Małe Radowiska 9, 87-200 Wąbrzeźno, NIP: 8781778944, with whom the User can contact via e-mail at
  3. The Personal Data Administrator is Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe Dawid Stępniak, Małe Radowiska 9, 87-200 Wąbrzeźno, NIP: 8781778944.
  4. Only voluntarily given User’s data can be gathered. Data is processed in order to execute the provisions from the Regulations. The Service Operator informs that User is not obliged to give their personal data, however denial will prevent executing services defined in the Regulations.
  5. The Administrator limits processing of personal data to the minimum necessary for providing high quality services.
  6. If the User agrees, the gathered personal data can be used for advertisement and promotions, especially to present offers of the Service and other marketing information.
  7. The Administrator gathers and proceeds the following data:
    • name and surname,
    • e-mail address,
    • telephone number,
    • NIP number,
    • address.
  8. The User at every moment has the right to access their personal data, to correct or remove it.
  9. The gathered data is strictly protected, pursuant to the current laws. The Administrator makes every effort to efficiently protect the saved data.
  10. Basing on the gathered data, statistics is created that can be shared with a third party (e.g. information on views of the Service). Such statistics has no personal data which would allow to identify individual Users.
  11. The Service does not monitor or verify information on the User’s age. Minors should not share any information or fill forms without parents’ knowledge and consent.
  12. The Service has means of protection whose aim is to protect personal data gathered by the Administrator against losing, inappropriate use or modification. The Service is obliged to protect any disclosed information, pursuant to applicable regulations and laws. Persons trained in processing personal data have access to the personal data.
  13. The Service informs its Customers that the offered services are executed via the public web network. Therefore, the Service draws the User’s attention to the fact that using the Service may cause risk of the third-party interference to network data transmission between the Service and the Customer.


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