How it's working?

The main aim of the Animal Trans portal is to provide means of efficient communication between persons who are looking for specialized breeding animal transportation for slaughter or transportation of meat, and people or companies offering transportation and possessing specialized means to transport animals.

Our portal supports agricultural holding owners who want to find the best transportation offers in Poland as well as in other European countries. Thanks to us, you can find the profitable offer as to finances, and save money on transportation. We also support people, shipping companies and carriers who are looking for orders for transport or new customers.

Through our freight exchange, you can transport poultry, cattle, swine, sheep, goats and any other breeding animals as well as refrigerated meat. You just have to place your announcement, wait for interested people and choose the most suitable offer.


Why should you join the Animal Trans portal?

  • Animal Trans is completely free of charge - only now you can register without additional fees! But be quick, the time is limited.
  • We are specialized in breeding animals transportation - you no longer have to devote your time in order to find interesting announcements, all of them can be found here.
  • Your money and time is saved - finding the most attractive offers and clients is easier, all is done through the Internet.
  • Additional tools - you can easily manage your orders and choose the ones that fit your needs.
  • Security - using only creditable carriers who were verified by us.

If you want to join the Animal Trans portal, you can register free of charge now. You are very welcome to join us!



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