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Do you breed animals and often have difficulties with finding the most suitable means of their transport to the butchery? Or maybe, do you look for inexpensive companies which transport refrigerated meat from the butchery to a meat establishment? As a shipper in the Animal Trans portal, you can place and look for orders suitable for your needs - completely through the Internet!


You can find carriers who transport various breeding animals, including poultry, cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and use services of transporting meat in carcasses or half-carcasses from a butchery in special refrigeration. We gather carriers operating in Poland and other European countries.

Cow and cheap transport

With the Animal Trans freight exchange

  • place your transportation order completely online - you no longer have to look for offers or compare them, because the best of them are awaiting you at one place
  • publish transportation orders - your own requirements can be defined
  • save money for the breeding animals transportation - by choosing an offer with a suitable price
  • use creditable carriers - cooperation with positively verified, reliable companies

If you want to join the Animal Trans portal and start ordering transport online cheaper than ever, only now  you can register free of charge!


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